Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zona Cuscatlan area Jardin 2

Well, today was change day and guess who had changes, me! So now I am in Zona Cuscatlan area Jardin 2. And guess what? I am opening up this area too, which is cool, but tough- but someone has got to do it! Maybe I am becoming the opener. You know how they have the tv show The Closer, well I am The Opener!! So that is cool. We don´t know but it should be good. Hopefully we will have a baptism by the end of the month.
Oh, something funny that happened this week; while we were teaching we heard a rustling in the tree above our heads and heard something hitting the branches. Down fell a pigeon, dead! Then my comp touched it! I was like- wow you are going to die from a weird disease. (ha ha)
So, yes, things are going great. I am so happy, and happy to be out of that house! Did i tell you that it flooded when it would rain. That was lame, but no longer a worry.
Anything else? No, I don´t thing so. Tell ? to write me or I am going to be angry and find a scripture to read her! You know there is a scripture for everything, everything. It is pretty amazing.
One thing that I have realized is how much we need both the Bible and Book of Mormon together, they both have major principles that we need for the church. There isn't just everything in the Book of Mormon or the Bible. Structurally speaking, when people have doubts and have crazy incorrect doctrine stuff it is usually easier to start with the Bible, and then use the Book of Mormon, they have everything we need, it all is so good and important.