Monday, June 20, 2011

This week we were blessed with 3 baptisms! That was a blessing for sure. And we have a few more planned for before I go home, so that will keep me busy until then.

In my area there is a bridge that goes over the freeway and you can see the temple. It is super tiny and super far away but you can see it. It is sooo cool!

They changed my comp this week. It was weird, there were emergency changes and so now I have a new comp again, my fourth comp in 4 weeks. This elder actually came with me when I got here, but because he was only in the mtc for 3 weeks, he is going to be here one transfer longer then I am, and the funny thing is is that we both slept in the same room in the hotel our first night in El Salvador. So it is fun, he is really nice. His name is Elder Yanes and he is from Guatemala. I think that President is doing this because he knows I am leaving soon and doesn´t want to mess with other people's schedules, but I am fine with it.

Oh, this week we had a multi-zone meeting and I got to give my final testimony in front of all the other missionaries. It was weird. I never thought that this time would come, but there you go, now I only have 4 Sundays left, then my life will be dramatically different.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A new area

I am in a new area. I am in Illopango in a city called San Bartolo. It is hot here and the town is poor, but not super poor, just regular poor. I am with Elder Coy. He is from Guatemala. We are good friends, so we are working hard. We got 8 people to church yestrday so that was a great blessing! This is a photo of Hermana Beatriz and her daughter at their baptism.

Exciting news!

Well, what a wonderful week it has been. I have some wonderful news! First off, remember when I wrote you about Alejandra and how her dad would not let her or her sister go to church? They are our next door neighbors. Well, last week we all fasted, and yesterday we asked - are you going to go to church today? She told me she didn´t know, ask her dad. So I said "Hey, can she come to church today for a little bit?" Their dad asked them if they really wanted to go to church, and Alejandra said yes, and her younger sister said yes, too. So their father said, "OK, but only for an hour". So we were super excited. Then at the testimony meeting I went up to bear my testimony, and then Alejandra came up, too. I let her go in front of me and it was amazing. She said that the moment that she entered the church, she just felt at peace, and that she now knows that the Church is true. It was great, all the ladies where crying. So that is one great thing that happened.

Now for number two, and even better. Hermana Beatriz, and Hermana Katherine where baptized on Saturday. It was not without its fair share of trials, but it happened! Then Sunday, when we where about to go to church (they are our neighbors too) we went to knock on their door, and they were all dressed up and everything but said that they might not go to church. We where thinking OH NOOOOO, because they had to be confirmed. So I left my scriptures and my jacket in their house and asked them to bring my things to church for me because we had to go for other people. They said "But what if we don't go?" Then my comp said "We will see you there", and we left. So, we went to church and left Alejandra and her sister with someone in the church to be with them, and we ran as fast as we could back to Hermana Beatriz's and right as we got to the parking lot, there they were in the car with my jacket and scriptures. It was great. Then they gave us a ride to church. It was so awesome, and everything was just great. I love them so much, they help us out, and invite us to eat all the time. They really are a wonderful family and I am so happy to have been able to share this time with them. There are changes this week and I really hope that I don´t get changed. I want to end my mission here.