Friday, July 15, 2011

As the time for Colin's mission nears it's end, his letters are getting shorter. Here is an update on what he had to say this week.

When asked about his new mission president: He is super cool, very spiritual, and super loving. I am sad I am not going to be albe to serve with him longer.

About being at the temple open house: The temple was awesome! The day I went was the same day that the branch in Chalatenngo went and I saw the Herrera family, they are the family we baptized, and Hermano Pastor who smoked and then was baptized. It was so great to see them. The temple is sooo beautiful. Oh sabe que???? I mean, know what????? I saw Hermana Beatriz and Katherine from Custçcatancingo, my last area, who were my neighbors that were baptized, at the temple. I was their tour guide and it was sooooooo AWESOME TO SEE THEM THERE!!!!! And also the barrio of Cuscatancingo! I also saw a few members from Gojuteppeque too. It was just soooo awesome.

When told about Grandpa's fishing trip: Oh man grandma, you always have to tell me about all the things that are so delicious that you are eating and it just makes me so hungry! I have not eaten anything other than fried rice, refried beans, fried eggs, fried tortillas, and fried everything else for the last 2 years. I feel so malnourished it is a miracle that I haven´t had a heart attack. The only fresh vegetables that I can eat are on my hamburgers from Burger King. I want to go to Souplantation! That would be the best thing, just a nice big salad.

The work:
Well, everything is going well. We had another baptism yesterday. Heavenly Father really has been
blessing me this last change. It is such a blessing and a wonder.