Friday, July 30, 2010

July 15, 2010 One Year Anniversary

This week was action packed to say the least.
On Tuesday I went on divisions with my District Leader and he said "Hey, we are going to be in some forest area for these appointments I have", and I thought that was sweet! I brought my sling shot so I could shoot an iguana and have it for dinner. It had just finished raining so we had to cross a river that was much bigger than normal from the rain and I almost fell in! Fortunately I didn't. After that we were walking super quiet, and in a tree we spotted a hawk, so I pulled back and let fly my marble and missed by only 2 inches above it's head. I am happy I didn't hit it though. I think I would have felt super bad. We never saw an iguana, they were all hiding because of the rain.

Later that night, we were at a lesson and the lady's toddler started choking on a penny. The mom started yelling and was being crazy with fright, so I went and did what I had been taught and smacked the baby on the back while holding her upside down. But instead of coughing it up, she ate it. Not the result most favored, but she is still alive! When you walk by Magnolia pool tell Leanne thanks for teaching me, it did have a purpose.

Saturday night we were talking with a family we hope will be baptized, about the law of chastity for almost 2 hours. It was so draining, but now they are going to give us the decision if they are going to get married or separate on Tuesday. Please pray for them to get married.

Yesterday we went to a new part of our area and got lost for about 3 hours walking in the jungle and having to cross rivers. We finally found a man and asked him to drive us back to Cojute.

So yes, it was an intense and great week.