Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 2010

This week was really good. It started out slow, but buy the end we were "echando fuego" or throwing fire! We found a few really good families, and even one that is already married (that is a miracle), and what's even better, is that they came to church. Even better is that they said they really liked it, and even more, said that they will be coming back, and then said "baptize us"! OK, that is just a joke, that last part, but in 2 weeks is what we have planned.

One of our converts kind of went crazy on us the other day in front of her sister who is planning on getting baptized this Saturday. She started going off on the temple, and how it should be open for everyone. We explained how it is, but they just have to go through preparations first and all that stuff. Then the mom who is super sweet, but crazy and goes to another church said ´I agree, that is true´ to what we were saying. But the daughter kept saying, I don´t like it and all this junk. Finally, we, as did Alma to the people of Zarahemla, spoke out in pure testimony. We were not angry, we just spoke absolute truths about the true gospel of Jesu Cristo. As we were talking, the mom would shout out "that is true" every now and then (the mom has read the Bible like 5 times). So when we finished up, the daughter was upset because she knew we where right, we said a prayer and went home. As we were on the way home I was talking with my comp and we decided that it would be a miracle if they came to church in the morning. We were really sad. But as you know, what we said needed to be said. So we were at church, and at 8:59 there entering the door was our convert and her sister both smiling and happy! A miracle happened! At the end of the meeting we went and started talking and the convert told me that it didn´t matter if she knew everything now, but that everything would come in it's allotted time. I was super surprised. When talking with my comp after church, he said he had talked to the sister and she told him that after we left the mom got mad at her for talking to us in that way and for acting so crazy. She also said that everything that we said was true and that she needed to believe us and not worry about the small things, but to know that in time the understanding will come.

Last month some of the group of missionaries that came to El Salvador with me got together on Monday and had a fancy lunch at the Chili's. This is our photo.

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  1. Hola Elder Price,
    Que tal? Mucho trabajo amigo ? Ok, that's it for the spanish :) Hey I didn't know they had a chili's in El Salvador...very cool.I'm glad to hear it worked out with your convert. And you are right, sometimes you have to shout out your testimony...and then the quiet voice talks to them. Continued good harvest in the lords vineyard.
    I have to share with you a fast story. As you know last week was our stake conference. It was exciting and it was sad (for me). After it was all over, I ran up to the podium because I wanted to shake you dad's hand. I was crying, he was crying. We didn't have to say anything, the spirit was so strong, we knew we loved each other. He did say " now we'll have time for some fishing!!" Is that you dad or what??
    And then I shook Edler Packers hand...wow..what a communicator for the lord he is. I introduced myself and he shook my hand and then he put his other hand around my neck and said " I know who you are and what you do...and he turned me around and Elder PRice, ALL the young men that sang in the choir were still in their seats. They hadn't blasted off! And so, with his arms around me he blessed the young warriors of the GG 6th Ward, and thanked them for their service. Sometimes the heavens open and the spirit is so so so strong, words are not needed.
    This is my testimony to you my dear friend...God lives, this is his church, and you are on His assignment. I know with all my heart Elder Price that our Heavenly Father knows you and loves you, and is watching out for you. Can't wait to take you to lunch when you get back.
    Siempre tu amigo,

    Brother Banagas

    ps. Quit eating all the reptiles :)