Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exerpts from Elder Price's e-mail 7/23/09

Today for my first p-day we got to go to the temple, so that was nice of course...
Things are going awesome, I am so happy I am here. One of the things we get to do is to call people on the phone that ordered bibles or videos, and we get to ask them if they liked it and would they like something else. It is scary and I am still not used to it, but it is fun and great practise...
We also have these things called TRC's where we prepare to teach a lesson for volunteers from outside the MTC and we act as if they are an investigator. In the beginning it was hard, but as soon as the spirit came it was so much easier. I still stuttered and was a little nervous but I was saying good things and I know that it was the spirit that was directing me in what to say...


  1. I love everything about this page. Thanks!

    The good thing for him is the mad pace should slow to something livable when he gets in country, unlike another mission I know about.

    He is just the best!

  2. This will be wonderful to see his photos and read his reactions...then my letter to him will make more sense and he only has to send news to you..the facilitating commentator! Yeah Kelli. We were on a whirl wind at the quilt show so didn't get to call, but had mucho fun with Susie!!! Hugs, Margaret