Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Daily Schedule

"Every morning I wake up at six (even though we are supposed to get up at 6:30) so I can be first to the shower. Then we are in class by 7:00, breakfast at 7:30, back to class at 8, then lunch at noon. Then we have P.E. for about an hour, then we are in class by 2:00, then work in class until 5pm when we have dinner. Back in class by 5:45, then more class until 9:00. We plan for half an hour what we are going to do the next day until 9:30, when we head back to the residence hall and just relax a little from the day. I write in my journal until 10:15, have companion prayer and either read the scriptures more or just go to bed. So that is our day! Pretty intense and a lot of work. We have 3 hours set apart each day for MDT and this is when we have 1 hour of personal study, 1 hour of companion study, and one hour of language study. It seems like it would take forever, but when you are getting super deep, time goes by so fast. That is how it is with everything here though. If you get into it the time flies and you have a great time. It is when you aren't doing anything or have a bad attitude that it stinks. So you just always have to stay busy and learn... The Spirit is so strong here, I love being...exactly where Heavenly Father wants me to be."


  1. I am so happy I found this on Betsy's blog!! Love to keep track of Elder Price's adventures!

  2. Ohhh the MTC - Let's start a pool of how much weight he'll gain since all you do there, as evidenced by the schedule, is eating, sleeping, and sitting :) I hated that fact. I agree though - it's amazing with such a monotenous schedule how much you LOVE IT!!