Sunday, August 23, 2009

Everything is Coming Together

Colin sent us a beautiful letter about his experiences teaching TRC's which are opportunities for "outside people" to come into the MTC and help the Elders and Sisters practice the things they have been working on in class. This particular letter discusses how Colin and his companion Elder Denninghoff had been teaching a woman and her 7 year old daughter about the need for the restoration of the gospel and the need for this woman to be baptised by someone who had the proper authority. They were speaking Spanish and Colin felt that he understood about 95% of what the woman was saying! The past week Colin has been working on understanding the needs and concerns of the investigator and addressing these issues. He wrote:

"I told them that Heavenly Father loves his children so much that He restored His church again upon the earth. Then we connected that to her baptism question, then from that we went into the atonement, and from the atonement we talked about God's plan for us... bringing us back to the feeling that she felt...and that that feeling was the love of God. At the end we talked about how the Gospel blesses families and this is when just everything we talked about came together. I was getting choked up, the lady was getting choked up, the daughter stopped writing in her notebook and squeezed in close to her mom and they were holding hands so tightly that they were turning white... I closed it by saying that I know that this gospel is true, it had blessed my family, and has brought us so much joy and peace and happiness and that this message isn't meant for one person, that it was meant for everybody and that was why I am here, to share it with other people... and that the gospel brings happiness and unity into a family. It was just awesome how everything went together. I could never have done anything like that on my own. It was just so apparent that the spirit was there you could almost touch it. The church is true."

Evan, you better go on a mission or I will give you a round-house-kick to the face!"


  1. Duh Evan! HA HA!! That cracked me up so much - you get such a spiritual boost from Colin, and then a death threat :) I love you family and I'm so happy with all the great experiences Colin is having!

  2. Now that's brotherly love. Awesome job Colin, just remember, TPLOC (pronounce it like you're a Klingon), The Pure Love Of Christ