Monday, August 3, 2009

The Interview

My companion and I are continuing to improve, but we still have a ton to learn. Spanish is still going well...but last Sunday my companion and I had our interview with a member of our Branch Presidency and he was actually a Mission President in Argentina and is from Central America. So in this interview we started talking and he said, "Your teachers tell me that you two can speak pretty good Spanish." We just answered saying that we spoke a little, but not very much. Then he said, "Oh, good! Teach me the first lesson in Spanish." We stared at him, mouths down to the floor, then looked at each other, opened with a prayer and started talking. We jumped around between principles and skipped a few, but what would you expect, it was barely our second week there! We asked him if he would keep some commitments and then closed. We were really surprised at how much we knew. He told us that we did a really good job and that we just needed to work on our eye contact, but he understood everything we said. So now we are practicing more in Spanish!


  1. ooh - love that story! Does Colin read this? WAY TO GO COLIN!!

  2. Colin,

    You will be a great missionary. If I could offer you any words of advice that you might find guidance in, as you leave the warmth and comfort family and friends, it would be these simple words that Grammy Hicken has framed in her kitchen.

    Trust in God.
    Have a good attitude.
    Always say your prayers.
    Never give up.

    Rick Salazar