Thursday, September 3, 2009

A visit from Elder Scott

"On Tuesday, Richard G. Scott came and talked to us and that was awesome!!! He said that he would like to do something that only and apostle can do and that was to invoke the blessing of the Gift of Tongues upon us, that the language would come easily, and that we will be able to learn it.

"In a change of course, Elder Scott said that he was going to talk about other stuff that he felt that we needed to hear. He then went on to talk about all the helps the spirit can be to us.
-Sometimes promptings come when we don't think we need them.
-They are always when we need them.
-Be careful to not just cast them off.
-Sometimes we get them even if we don't understand the reason.
-It takes skill to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
-Practice listening.
-He can prompt us when others might need help.
-We have all that is needed to be successful as we allow the spirit to guide.
-The spirit will prompt you of danger.

Elder Scott told us of a time he was driving in South America in a sandstorm and he felt prompted to stop the car and just wait until the morning to continue. When he woke up he saw that in front of his car was a huge cliff that he would have driven off of had he not listened to the promptings of the spirit.

After this he blessed us again, but with something that he doesn't normally do. Elder Scott said, "I am going to invoke a blessing of safety. According to good judgement and following the spirit, I invoke it upon you." So tell grandma not to worry, but that I have the blessing of an apostle that I will be safe. So yes, that was the crowning part of the week!

Our TRC appointment went well. All in Spanish again. I have been studying a lot and after 19 years, I am finally starting to get a glimpse of how amazing this gospel is."


  1. loved, loved, loved this post... I emailed it to Scott so he would for sure read it :) Keep the gospel uplifts coming Colin! love ya!

  2. Hey Elder Price,

    I am enjoying your blogs. I loved the Spanglish one :)I have encluded some spanglish of my own.
    Of course the best news of the week is BYU!!
    Just kidding. Elder Scott was the best news.
    And your spanish...
    Yo diria que su espanol esta mejorando cada semana. I know you are busy so I try to keep these words short, so in closing...
    Take care, keep your head down, and keep those legs moving forward in the gospel.

    Estoy muy orgulloso de ti.
    Siempre tu amigo,

    Brother Banagas

  3. Go Colin Go! Happy to here your gonna be safe!