Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tender Mercies

I asked Colin if he had any experiences with tender mercies from the Lord since his arrival in San Salvador that I could share with my seminary class. This is an excerpt from his letter.

"As you know the people here live in the most humble of circumstances. If you put Lindsey's and my room together, that would be the size of their houses. They have it divided into section so they have a place where there are beds and then a section with a little gas stove and a sofa and some plastic chairs and a small tv. That is about it. But they are happy! They don't need more because they have their family. One of the cool things here is how important families are. But I would have to say, that for these people, just living is a tender mercy from the Lord. It is very dangerous for these people . Everyday people are killed by gangs or any other form of dying, and I swear, in almost every prayer they always say 'gracias senior por un dia mas', which is 'thank you Lord for one more day'. It make you wonder, are we really thankful for what our Heavenly Father has given us? I know we know that He has given us our lives and that He can take it away, but the fact that He hasn't is a tender mercy. It was King Benjamin that said that we are so unworthy to live for all of the sins we commit, that we are lower that the dust of the earth because even the dust obeys the will of the Lord. So what we need to remember is just how lucky we are to live in a country that is so safe. That is a tender mercy, our safety. The fact that we can go out after it is dark or go on a walk or go to dances or just hang out at a mall or park and not have to worry about if we are going to come home alive.
Always give thanks for our lives, our families and our knowledge of the true and everlasting gospel of hope, peace and love...I know he love us, I know he love me and I know he love you.Be thankful for everything, because they are all gifts from God."

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  1. Loved that... if you typed it verbatim, you can tell the Spanish is taking over his mind as English is slipping away! I'm so happy and proud of Colin!