Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 21, 2009

On my birthday the best thing happened, Rut Noemi had her baptismal interview and she passed, but more importantly, her mom signed the paper giving her the OK to be baptized, which has been the probolemor. So that was basically the best thing that has ever happened! She was baptised this last Saturday which was wonderful.
Oh man, it has been way hard this last week. If there are one or two things you could pray for this week it is to help the people of Chelatenango to soften their hearts and for us to find a family that will be baptized, and in one year go to the temple. Yesterday we had 5 appointments and they all fell through, and at 3 of them, other people answered the door and said they were not home when we knew they were there. It was just really sad, so we tried knocking on doors and all the people were just like, "No thank you." I feel like that painting of Jesus when he is overlooking Jerusalem and gives the scripture; "Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem", and is sad for the hardness of their hearts. But we are still trying hard, and working for our goal to find families.

I love prayer, it is a wonderful thing, because no matter what language you are speaking, Heavenly Father knows what you are saying.


  1. So I don't know if Colin sees these comments or not, but I would say - Hang in there.. Remember, like you taught us before - the Lord is bound when you do what he says - we just don't always know how quick the turn aroudn will be! Have a Merry Christmas and I'm excited you get to talk with your family! We love you!!

    Scott, Betsy (and baby Jack)

  2. Hola Elder Price,

    I really enjoy hearing about your missionary journey. I'm so glad your mom is keeping us informed to what's going on. Sounds like you are having some rough times. I'm so glad you are so strong in the gospel. You quote a lot of scriptures that are faith driven.
    I know that Heavenly Father knows you Elder Price. I know he is watching over you. I know you will be successful in your endeavors in the mission field.
    Just think about Jarom in Provo where it's 10 degrees and Elder Shearer in Montana where it was about minus 20 degrees last week !! wheh !!
    Well, I know you're busy so I'll let you go.
    Take care. We are thinking about you. The guys ask about you. You are still in our thoughts.
    Seth Trader had his interview this Sunday to get ready for his mission. Wow, you are all growing up on me...and I'm staying the same age :)
    Siempre tu amigo,

    Dan Banagas