Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010

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I have some very important and exciting news, WE FOUND A FAMILY OF SIX!!!!!! All of them are of baptizing age except the youngest daughter, and they went to church, all except the dad and and son. But the mom loved it and wants to come back next week, and they are all going to go the dad said. The reason he didn't go was because he is scared that if they leave the house that it will be robbed or something bad will happen to it, which is sad, but he said that he will go next week. They are just super nice. They are not married, so we taught them the law of chastity and they were, well, OK , if we need to do it we will do it. So we are getting all the papers and stuff ready for that. Oh, they are just so nice, they have next to nothing but they invited us over for tamales for New Year's eve, and it was just really great and they are super nice and oh, please keep praying for them, the familia Herrera.

So that is basically the biggest news that we have, oh, we went to this zoo place today and the monkeys started going crazy and it was really scary! I thought they were going to somehow get out and rip my face off or something! Who knows?

Speaking of stories, you can tell this one to dad: we tracked into this guy who fought in the war and he told us how one time, he was the only guy left and the bad guys were coming, so he took handfuls of blood from him companions and just poured it all over himself and played dead. The bad guys came and took his boots off of his feet and left him alone and he was able to get away. So that was pretty intense.

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