Monday, March 1, 2010

February 17, 2010

Things are going well, thank your for all your prayers. I know they are helping to keep me happy, and everything.

OK- something funny happened last week. We were talking to this guy and teaching him, and it came time to drop the challenge, so we did. I asked him "so if Heavenly Father answers your prayer that these things are true, what do you think you need to do?" He answered, "Well, it would give me diarrhea." WHATT!!!!!! I thought I heard him wrong, but when we got outside, I asked elder Call (were were on divisions) and he was like that guy said that if he received an answer it would give him diarrhea! We busted up laughing so hard it was crazy, and really funny!

For my spiritual thing that happened to me this week: We were teaching a family of members and preparing them for references. If you want to read in alma 16:4-6 , it talks about how a bunch of Nephites were taken captive, so the general asked Alma to pray to know where the Lamanites were going so they could rescue their brethren. So Alma asked God, and got one of the most direct responses ever known. So the armies were able to go and rescue their brethren. So what we did was, we told the family that they were like Alma and we were the army, and asked if they could pray and ask Heavenly Father which of their friends or neighbors we could go visit and rescue and bring back to the gospel ( because they already know God's plan, we are just here to help them remember, but that is another subject for another day). So Sister Abarca prayed, and it was a very powerful prayer, so much so that one of my friends came into my mind. The thought and impression was so strong, so please invite him to hear the missionaries.

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