Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 1, 2010

I am transferred from Chalate and now I am in Cuscatlan Vista Hermosa (beautiful view). It is in the middle of the city so we will see what happens. Also I am opening the area, and I am TRAINING!!! I am training a fresh new missionary from the MTC. I wonder if he will be a Latino or a gringo, probably a Latino but that doesn´t matter. I am so scared I still feel green, but we will see how it goes. I am sure it will be great. Pray for me, I feel like I have been tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire, but I am thinking of it as the refiners fire so this will definitely be a good experience and a time to show what I know.

It was sad to leave Chalate, almost all the people that we visited yesterday were crying. I am a little foggy eyed, but that is all. Just to do something to help the people and work with all you've got, and then to just leave it is pretty crazy, but it was great.

Oh, something not good that happened- I think I have eaten something bad and now my tummy is a little rumbly. It is pretty crazy. Actually it is a lot rumbly, but I will go get some tests done and we will see what is up. This has the potential to make me a lot skinnier (he he he, not just jokin').

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  1. Elder Price,

    I just read your last blog post. And I want to talk to you just like we use to talk on campouts. Just you are I...eyeball to eyeball...remember those cool talks we had.
    I have copied and pasted a a couple of segments ...

    "I am so scared I still feel green" and
    "Pray for me, I feel like I have been tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire"

    So when I say what I have to say you know I love you and your are one of my best friends. So here it is...ready....you're forgetting how amazing you are !!!

    You have the people skills of men twice your age. I know, I work with them. You would smoke them. I don't think I've ever heard doubt come from you before and it shakes me up.

    Remember that time in at mammoth when we were walking back from the "beach"...we we're all tired and you saw this guy driving up to us in a golf cart. Remember what you said? You said " watch this Brother B, I'm going to get a ride back to camp." And I watched in amazement as you walked up to this total stranger with that awesome smile of yours and guess what...yep, you got a ride while the rest of us walked back to camp. People skills, charisma, confidence, it was born into you dude. I mean elder. So pray to your heavenly father to help with your assignment. He already knows you have what it takes. Show me that courage I know you have, Show me that faith that Heavenly Father has blessed you with.
    I pray for you nitely (is that a word?) We all pray for you back here at home. We love you.
    Now show me what ya got :)

    Siempre, siempre tu amigo,

    Brother Banagas