Sunday, May 2, 2010

My week was not very action packed, just knocking on a ton of doors. That is pretty much all you do the first few weeks of opening an area, but then by the end you start having some regulars that you can go and visit. Our area is crazy, there is one main street that we walk on, and from that street there are passages that feed off the side, and they go straight down. That is right- the main street is on the crest of the mountain and we just go down the sides. It is pretty intense and really sweaty, but that is good because I think I have been losing a few more lbs.! The stairs are good, giving my legs an excellent work out. We will have to have some races when we get home on your trails. Yes, there are parts that are poorer then others but everyone lives in the same cement block houses with a little variation of paint colors. The people are nice, they listen to us sometimes, sometimes not, depends on the day and how big we are smiling.

My comp is good. Very quite and keeps to himself, but he is a great teacher. So I am sure we will see success- just got to keep working hard, and he likes to work hard, it is I that has to be doing the stepping up. We live about 20 minutes away from our area, so every day we have to walk that distance just to get to our area, and then at night time it is too dangerous for us to be up there, so we have to have dinner at 8, which is kind of lame, I would rather be out working, but at the same time it is nice to have something to eat. Our cocinera and her family are so nice, they have this baby daughter that is about 2 years old and she has got to be the happiest little girl I have ever seen. She is hilarious.

Well, we have to go to the office today so that is going to take about 2 hours out of our p-day. The fun thing is is that there is a Burger King by the mission office, so we are going to go there for lunch.

Things are going well and I am happy. Last night we went out with a few of the youth and did divisions with them and we were able to teach about 10 lessons so that was pretty good. With my youth it started out a little rough- all of our appointments fell through, but then we finally had some success.

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