Sunday, May 23, 2010

President Funez

Something amazingly cool happened last Monday, we were told by the mission president to go to the charity play about the mentally handicapped and racism stuff, so we went. It was neat! There were special needs kids that did a whole bunch of dancing and stuff. It was nice, but that is not the amazing part- right before it started I was sitting by the aisle way, and walking down, surrounded by cameras was good old Presidente Funez, president of the Republic of El Salvador. So Elder Robinson, who I was with, looked and saw him and stuck his hand out and shook it. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I shot my hand out too and I shook hands with the president of El Salvador! That is pretty cool. Also, after the show I got a few pictures of him, not with him, but then I got a picture with his wife, the first lady, That was pretty sweet.

But now looking back on it and what you guys got to do with Elder Oaks, I would have rather have met him instead, because he is that much more important, and less... communist, hehehe

So the working with the eye doctors was cool. There are these people that come down from the United States and they go around and give free eye exams to the poor people, and they just needed some extra help because they don´t know Spanish. It was way fun and so nice to see when the people got their glasses and everything. It was awesome.

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