Monday, August 23, 2010

August 2010

We had changes this week, My comp and I are still here together, but now I am a district leader. So that is pretty interesting, and cool. I did the totals and we are teaching 7 families that are actually really positive along with a few other investigators, which adds up to be about 28 people. Now this next part is great but at the same time sad - in comparison to the number people we are teaching - we brought 7 people to church, so that was great! And, one of the families came. This week we taught 33 lessons which we feel really good about. I had to be a marriage counselor with one of our families this week - that was intense. So things are going really well, I just pray that it keeps up. We keep praying super hard and are trying to work even harder. There is a saying something like: Pray to God as if everything depended on Him, then work as if all depended on you. So I am trying to put that saying to work in my life.

So yes mom, things are going great. We just need to baptize these people so they can be families forever.

How do you like my photo, I have been LATINOED hahahaha! The bus ride into town today was crazy. I was hanging on outside and going about 60 miles an hour. Pretty intense.

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