Monday, August 30, 2010

Things are Great

Well, this week was super good. To start off, we taught 45 lessons! That is insane, because the standard of excellence is 28, and usually people do around 25, but 45 baby- oh yeah.

Monday night the mission president called me and said, Elder Price, 37 companionships haven't baptised this month, Cojute 1 (the other area) is one of those, do they have any possible baptisms this week? I said that they had one. Then he said, what can we do to help them out? I replied, I will go on divisions with them tomorrow and see what we can do. He said, thank you elder, do what you need to do.

So the next day we did divisions and I went over there, and we brought a member with us. We started talking and the lady said that she didn´t want to get baptized that week, that she wasn´t ready, which is what they always say. So then we started talking with her, and the spirit came in to the lesson. I read a scripture that popped into my head that happened to be perfect for her situation, then the member that was with us said some wonderful things, and then the other elder read another scripture, and by the end of the lesson, the investigator was crying, and saying that she knows it is true and was going to get baptized that week. The Spirit was so strong, it is what brought all these scriptures to us, it was a perfect lesson. Not because we taught, but because Heavenly Father himself was talking through us, we didn´t teach, He did. And so we were able to complete what President Perez asked us to do. It was a wonderful week.

So yes, things are going well. Great in fact.

p.s. She was baptized yesterday!

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