Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Last week we went to Elva and she told us that she was going to be moving to another house because of a new job in another department, that is like another state. So we were super sad, but didn´t give up hope- you never can. We would call her during the week and see how she was doing. On Friday we called her in the morning, but her phone was turned off. After teaching a few lessons we passed by her house and and there she was! We went and talked to her and everything went great, we brought out the baptismal records and filled them out and she signed them. We were super excited- it was a miracle. Afterwards we passed by Iris's family to see how they were doing. While we talked to them, we heard a ton of gun shots go off so we left. Finally we got home and started to make calls to our leaders but our phone didn´t work, so we went to a member's house and borrowed their phone, we tried to call our zls to say that we needed an interview, but their phone didn't accept our calls because of the company, and their cell phone had been stolen earlier that day. Finally I called the zone leaders from another zone to tell them to call my zone leaders to be at our house at 8 in the morning for the interview and the baptism. We slept full of excitement because this was going to be the biggest miracle of my mission. We woke up super excited and happy, then we waited- 8, 8:30. 9, 9:15 and the zls finally got there. They went to the interview while I went to fill the font. There was no water! We were calling everyone to see what we could do, finally at 11 it started filling. She passed the interview with the zone leaders, but she had to leave with her aunt to help her with something, because they arrived so late. So, she didn't get baptized.

It was like a big rugby game of gaining and losing the ball, but then at the end, instead of scoring the winning point I got a giant Samoan boot to the face.

But it is OK- the mission goes on. I guess it just wasn´t her time yet because we really did everything in our power to get it done. Oh well, maybe it was one of those "beautiful wife" moments. But we need to keep pressing forward and never failing.

(Message from the next week) Well, a good week this week. We were able to baptize a boy named Johnny and we reactivated his family of 7 people and there are a few more people that want to get baptized as well! And as for Elva, well, she moved to Jiquilisco, so we called the Elders in Jiquilisco and they contacted her and she also was baptized on Saturday so that was great. That made for some great news-

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  1. Hola Elder Price,

    Long time since I put some stuff on your blog. I'm glad to see you are still hitting the streets and doing some awesome missionary work.
    That was a cool video of you enjoying your pie. It must have tasted so so good.
    Almost all your priests are out on a mission or just about ready to go...Elder Travis Johnson just left, and Jacob Clark is ready to leave. And Jarom and Jacob are out serving as is Julius. Pretty cool huh? You are all such wonderful examples of the youth that are waiting in the wings.
    I am very proud of you.

    Take care..talk to you soon,

    Dan Banagas