Wednesday, March 2, 2011



The best thing that happened this week is that Sandy's mom came to church and really liked it, so that was great. Also a member took us to this place called Las Tunas- it is a little beach village and there are a few restaurants on the beach so he took us there. It was way cool.
The week went by sooo fast that it is hard to believe my mission is almost over. Four and a half months is not a lot of time.

I was thinking this last week about a missed opportunity I had right before I left on the mission. One day after teaching swimming lessons at night time, as we were leaving I went and sat on the benches by the pool in Eastgate park and then everyone else came and sat by me. They started asking me what it was going to be like and what I was going to do and what i was going to teach on my mission. Frankly, I didn't know what to say. I started to say something, but it wasn't very clear and I basically choked. But now I know exactly what I need to say and exactly how to say it. The sad thing is, I will never have the 7 of those people together ever again; wanting to learn, wanting to hear what I had to say. Now I have to go and look for them and then teach them what they need to know, because now I know how to put into words what I need to teach them.

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