Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Watch

As I was getting ready for my seminary in-service meeting I heard on NPR about the terrible earthquake in Japan, but it was early and I was trying to be on time, so I was doing more listening to reports that thinking about the consequences of the quake. Then, after class, I noticed a call from an unfamiliar number. Thinking it was my nephew, I called back and heard a familiar voice-had I called Evan by mistake? No! it was Colin! He asked if we were safe and affected by the tsunami. I hadn't even thought of that. He then proceeded to explain how he and his companion and many of the members were evacuating to a city where the Zone Leaders lived which was a safe distance up the volcano. I felt so dumb! Of course Colin would be in a tsunami affected area. His apartment is just 2 blocks from the ocean! Then I thought of others; Michiko and her family in Japan, my friend's mother in Hawaii, my sister-in-law who lives just half a mile from Huntington Beach. Colin remembered my friend Michiko, what a good man to think of others. And what a great son to call and tell us he was safe.

It was so wonderful to hear his voice-it has quite a native way about it and "si" would sneak in quite often. He told me about how strong his current investigator was, and how a young woman that was baptized in his first area, has had 8 of her family members join the Church of Jesus Christ. In another area, 2 families that he found and taught have now been baptized. He is seeing some of the fruits of his labor. What a blessing, as that is not the case for all missionaries.

He wanted me to give his love to everyone back home. I know we all send our love right back to him.

P.S. We are so grateful that Colin is not in danger. But in Japan, thousands and maybe millions of our brothers and sisters are suffering. We pray that they will be strengthened and sustained through this horrific disaster by the grace of God, and from those of us who are safe, generously doing and giving what we can.

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  1. Hi Colin,

    I logged into Jakes blog, maybe I can send posts to you now, I have tried so many times so I apologize for not commenting on your blog.

    I am glad you are safe :) I have really enjoyed reading your blog and watching you grow, sounds like you are having an amazing experience in the mission field. Enjoy every moment because the time flies by so quickly, as Im sure you know.

    We love you and pray for you, keep up the good work and stay safe.


    Sue Clark