Monday, April 11, 2011

Conference thoughts

Hello everyone! Everything is good here. Working hard, still trying to find people. We have a few, but the people here are a little stiff necked.

We went to get one of our investigators Sunday morning, When we got to her door, the evil aunt came and yelled at her "why do you even talk to them!!!!!!" and then slammed the door closed. So, she didn't come to church. We will just have to go back and teach her when her aunt is not there, muahhaha.

Wow! What a conference. I was thinking during the conference that our lives are really made out of chapters. It is like being in the MTC: In the beginning you are super excited, but at the end of your 2 months of being there you are ready to go out and serve and do the next thing. Now getting close to the end of the mission ( now I am not saying that I want it to end at all, I love it too much) and after this conference, it helped me to see all the things that I have learned and how many things I have to keep learning. Now when I get back, I realize how much better I will be able to serve the Lord in my calling and stuff, because being here has really helped me to see how really important it all is. Just doing the work is the biggest blessing in itself. Yeah, sometimes it is hard or it takes time from doing what you want, but really, that doesn't matter. The Lord is first. I think back on before my mission and how little I did. Seeing how I could have done better and should have just worked instead of being a couch potato. Something that has helped me is that there is a returned missionary in our ward. He was a robot missionary. You can tell the difference between a robot missionary and a normal missionary. Robot missionaries don't really know why they are on their mission, they went because their parents told them,or they are there because they will get a car. They don't enjoy their time and experiences or the people, they are super strict to the point that they don't let the rules help them and guide them. It is like the difference between the the Sadducee and Pharisees and the Gospel of Christ. Robot missionaries don't like learning the language, when they can just about speak it, that is when they stop learning. They don't try their best. They might say they are, but they know deep down they are not. Robot missionaries are exactly the same if not worse when they get back. They are lazy and don't want to help with anything, and they usually go inactive. As members, we can be robot members, too. We need to be careful. But the worst thing about the robot missionary is that they have no personality, they let the outside world control how they feel. Some of the best advice that was given to me by one of my comps was that Heavenly Father has called me to be here so that I can be me. I don't have to try to be another person, I just have to find me, and be my best self. It doesn't matter if I baptize 0, 1, 5, 10, or 100- if I can learn to be my celestial self then I have gained all that I needed in the mission. Because once I have become my celestial self, once we all have become our celestial selves, that is when we can serve the Lord how he wants and needs us to, and we don't fear anything, We become disciples of Christ and nothing can stop us from being what we truly are.

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