Monday, April 11, 2011


Things are going great here. We are working hard, but the people here are a little more hard in the head and grumpy than in La Union. There is definitely a difference. This last week 4 people from my last area that we where teaching got baptized! Again, I swear I have the biggest record of people getting baptized the week after I leave. Oh well, it is fine, I am happy that they are making the wonderful decision to make this commitment!
My comp and I are actually working really hard. This area is intense! I love it because there are a ton of houses that we are able to knock at, but not a lot of them are ready, but we are still trying.
I am so excited for the temple to be here. There is going to be the open house starting in July so I will be able to go and see it before I go home, but the dedication is in August and I want to come back with one of my friend from the mission who actually wrote me this week. He was in an accident in the desert. He is fine but a girl that he was with died in his arms after she asked him for a blessing. He was able to give it, but please keep him in your prayers, too. I am sure that would help him out and his family and the others, too.

I love it here. It is going to be sad when I have to leave this place.

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  1. Hola Elder Price,
    glad to hear you are still working hard. Its interesting to hear how people get baptised after you leave the area. My son had the same thing happen to him. He told me it was his assignment to open the hearts of the people so they would be receptive to the next Missionaries.
    Sorry to hear about your friends accident.
    Keep working hard. I'm excited to have you with us at Kodiak in the Sequoia's. Talk to you soon.
    Brother Banagas