Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Answers to Dad's questions

We are getting ready for stake conference too, it is pretty intense since there is a lot of planning that we have to do and at the same time have to contact all the people which will be coming. So it should be a good, but a very busy, week.

About working with the youth, I help the Young Men's president out. He has only been in the church a year and a half and is basically waiting for his mission call. I was talking to him and asked him if there was any thing I could do to help him out in his calling and he said that having a good councilor that helps with stuff would be nice, there is no body in the ward that can do it because nobody can read. So I am now the unofficial helper. No, they don´t really have scouting, but I am giving a lot of encouragement for the Duty to God award, so we are starting to do that stuff.

Things are going well. The family we are teaching is getting married on Friday, so that is great, and they went to church yesterday, and all enjoyed it. We are going to go visit them tonight and have family home evening.

I am so happy that I have this opportunity to serve the Lord.

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  1. Hey Elder Price,

    It's good to hear of your success with your investigators. Wow a family of 6...awesome. Is it wierd to talk to grownups about the Law of Chastity? Just wondering.
    It sounds like your Spanish is coming along just fine. That's cool.
    It's too bad I can't send attachments. I would send you some pics of me when I was in Costa Rica Monkey Tour. They were jumping out of trees and eating banana's right out of our hands !
    You better save some of those tamales for me dude. Did I say "dude"....sorry.
    And you're barely out there in your mission and already you are doing administrative duties. Nice !!
    You already know about Seth Trader and Canada. Mark and I are trying to figure out where to take him for his "missionary" dinner. We had fun at ours huh? Although, I will admit, that section of Long Beach at night is a little scary. But the waffles and chicken were killer.
    Well, sorry for the novel. Maybe your mom can do a little editing :)
    You are missed. I am so proud of you. All the youth are proud of you. Keep working hard. Keep those blessings coming.
    Brother Banagas