Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is the artist's rendition of the San Salvador Temple, due to be completed in late 2010. Colin does not think he will be able to participate in the dedication ceremonies as it is in the West Mission, but we can hope opportunities open up for him to visit.

Well yes, they were all baptised and confirmed this weekend! All 5 of them! The littlest one is 5 and she was so sad that she could not be baptized yet, hehe, she was so cute. There are a few people that go to the baptisms, not too many. Now I feel bad about whenever we had baptisms at home and I never went, even when you told me I should. I will always go now. Yes, we have a building in my city, and it has a font.

I love that scripture (Alma 17:10-11), it is so great. Look in the Preach My Gospel book and in chapter 6 are the Christ like attributes, and patience is one of them. It gives some great scriptures- one that I really like is in Alma 26:27. It talks about how when their hearts were heavy, to the point when they were about to turn back, the Lord visited them and said to "suffer afflictions with patience and I will give thee success". That is about how the scripture is, not exactly, but close enough.

So yes, Spanish is coming along, I feel like I am getting better, and I know I have a lot to learn, but it is coming along.

Thank you for everything, EVERYTHING!!!! Especially for praying and fasting for this family. Thank you so much.

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